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PROBLEM: RealPlayer appeared, but I didn't hear anything.

Check to see that your computer's sound and speakers are working correctly. Go to another application that uses sound -- if you're using Windows, you can go into Control Panel, and then double-click on the 'Sounds' or 'Sounds and Multimedia' icon. Check the volume level -- maybe it's turned all the way down.

Once you can get some sound to come out of your speakers, go back to the initial setup page and try the test again.

If all else fails, email us at help@jumbocast.net and we will try to assist you. Make sure you tell us the operating system of the computer you're working with (e.g., "Windows 2000", "Mac OS X"), and recap what you've already tried to do. We'll help as soon as we can.

This page last updated Thursday, January 24, 2002.
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