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If you know that you already have RealPlayer installed, and want to upgrade to the free RealOne player (Windows 98, 2000, ME or XP only!), click here.

JumboCast streams its media using RealServer technology from Real Networks, Inc. In order to receive these streams, you need a software application on your computer called a 'player', capable of playing RealMedia files.

You may already have one. Click here to see if RealOne or RealPlayer is already set up on your computer. If, within 10-20 seconds, you hear a voice saying 'Hello, and welcome to JumboCast,' you're all set. Enjoy!

If not, one of three things probably happened. Click the text below that most resembles what happened:

1. RealPlayer or RealOne appeared, but I didn't hear anything.

2. A message appeared (this message will vary by computer and operating system) that basically told me the computer didn't know how to open (or what application or program to use to open) this file.

3. Neither of these things happened.

This page last updated Thursday, January 24, 2002.
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