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unexpected network issues and hubris

So what exactly happened Tuesday night? Why was there no live stream? Why wasn't the game at least available on WMFO? All good questions. Here's what happened:

First of all, here's a simplified explanation of the way the past audio streams have worked: we have a laptop that we connect to the Tufts intranet (by connecting a network jack in Cousens into a PCMCIA network card in the laptop) or the internet if we're outside the Tufts intranet (by dialing in to an ISP with the laptop's internal modem). Then we take the audio signal we create, and send it through the computer and over the internet/intranet to the Tufts RealServer. Simple. :-)

Now, here was the plan to stream both video and audio on Tuesday night: Now, here's what actually happened: So, chastened and chagrined, I recorded the second half to the hard drive, and it's on the
archive page. Live and learn, or so they say. Or, in my case, maybe just live.


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